Kasumi is Chinese-French. She was born in Laos and raised between Thailand and Japan. Now she is in the US working as an international hairstylist. Kasumi blends her multicultural background to create her unique styles.

She went to one of Japan’s most prestigious schools, Kokusai Bunka. This institution emphasizes holistic, nurturing beauty and “omoiyari (caring)” for their clients. During her training, there were many competitions that were held between her school and some of the other top schools around the nation. These competitions were sponsored by some of the biggest names in the industry such as Vidal Sassoon, Toni&Guy, and many others. These competitions went from local, to regional, to national, and in every competition, Kasumi was always in the top 5. She entered not only hair, but nails, painting, make-up, and kimono competitions.

After completing her education, she worked as an assistant for the well known Excel salon for a year, building her skills and confidence by seeing twenty or thirty clients a day. She then returned to California to work in Hollywood where she slowed down and really got to know her clients. She also began to branch out into editorial and runway (Versace, Dior, St John etc...) work at this time. Her natural talent and superb training quickly landed her jobs at some of the most sought-after salons in Hollywood (Warren Tricomi, Gavert Atelier). When asked about working with celebrities in Hollywood, her reply is that celebrities are people just like everyone else. Everyone is beautiful, and her passion is to help each and every person explore and realize their individual beauty. Some of the celebrities she has worked with include Ciara, Cameron Diaz, Brandy, Lauren Conrad and the cast of The Hills, Nina Dobrev, and many others. Her exceptional skills, service, sensibility and pleasant attention are a refreshing change from the chaotic rush of our daily lives. She focuses on you and your desires to help you relax and take care of yourself for once.