Kasumi Photography  
After receiving a camera  from husband as a gift, Kasumi's passion for photography began by photographing her daughter.  Inspired by her work with professional photographers on the runway and in magazine spreads, she quickly became adept at bringing her hair creations to life on film.
Kasumi Grillo brings her unique aesthetic talent from her longstanding background working as a high-end professional hair and makeup artist for Hollywood celebrities,  fashion spreads, and high-end Beverly Hills clientele to the field of artistic portraiture photography.
 It has always been Kasumi’s mission as well as her belief that anyone can look and feel as gorgeous, sexy, and captivating as any magazine cover spread.
 With her unique eye and flair for capturing the fleeting emotion conveyed in a moment, Kasumi combines years of experience in high-end fashion and beauty to uncover your most beautiful you.
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